Innovative, Custom Marketing Solutions from Spotzer Agency

Spotzer Agency

Spotzer Agency is the premium division of the Spotzer business, offering innovative, custom digital marketing services to a wide range of SMBs across the globe. With over ten years of industry experience, we know that a successful digital marketing strategy does not always fit in one neat box.

As a white label solution for our partners, Spotzer Agency allows us to build off the best in class, top-quality solutions and products that make up our core business, while doubling down on personalisation and creativity.

Spotzer Agency’s nimble approach allows for complete flexibility to accommodate the unique needs of our partners and go above and beyond the business goals of their clients.

Spotzer Agency acts as a national account team, agency team, and top-tier customer service team in one.

The team provides dynamic, personalised, end-to-end services: from consultation and production to optimisation and beyond. Custom services offered by Spotzer Agency include: consultancy, creative WordPress website development, effective e-commerce solutions, engaging content marketing, and comprehensive SEM campaign management.

In addition, these services can be combined with Spotzer’s core product offerings, providing partners a complete, bespoke service package based on their exclusive needs.


In order to create truly customised solutions, Spotzer Agency provides full consultancy for all clients. There is no limit on the number of calls an SMB can make to their dedicated Client Manager and we’re happy to set up recurring calls at the cadence of their choice. Our comprehensive reporting dashboards also make it easy for a business to check on performance anywhere, any time.

WordPress Development

WordPress sites developed for Spotzer Agency customers focus on bespoke design with creative, SEO optimised copy to deliver the best user experience possible. Our in-depth consultations allow us to build a beautiful and effective site from scratch to help achieve each SMBs unique business goals. All sites include ongoing service, maintenance, and updates, since a static website is an ineffective website.

E-commerce Solutions

For SMBs struggling to maintain or establish their e-commerce presence, Spotzer Agency offers comprehensive e-commerce solutions via WooCommerce. With its integration into WordPress, we’re able to accommodate stores of up to 50,000 products as well as multiple payment and delivery gateways.

Content Marketing

The personalised approach of Spotzer Agency results in highly effective content marketing solutions for various channels. Through our consultations, we’ll identify the best content marketing strategy for each SMB and work with the highest quality writers to craft unique content to fulfil their business goals.

SEM Campaign Management 

Years of experience in SEM allows Spotzer Agency to launch robust campaigns to accomplish a variety of business objectives at any scale and any budget. Reporting dashboards provide complete transparency and the Spotzer Agency team uses the latest technologies to ensure optimisation and results.