Increase conversion for your customers with video

Video can be one of the most effective and powerful way to engage users online, making it a valuable tool for your SMB clients. Featuring a video on a website or social media campaign has been shown to increase user engagement, brand awareness and, most importantly, conversion. To help your clients to reap the considerable benefits of video, Spotzer works with SMBs to create a product that works for them, whether it involves shooting a custom corporate video on site or a professional slide show that brings their website to life. We coordinate with each business directly to create a video that will best fit their needs.

Complementary website add-on

Videos make a great addition to any of our website packages, providing a powerful tool that draws in the user, encouraging them to stay on the site for longer and engaging them with the brand’s message. Spotzer embeds videos using a fully responsive video player, making them watchable on any device. We also take care of hosting sites, offering unlimited streaming. We’ll even optimise the video for search engines and syndicate it to YouTube and other video sharing sites to boost organic search rankings for your clients, ensuring they’ll continue to see results for years to come.