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  • 02 Sep, 2015

The Spotzer Blog is a place to find the latest insights and discussions regarding the digital marketing landscape.

It's not much yet, but you've joined us at a good time. As one of the early adopters of the Spotzer Blog , you'll be among the first to discover all the latest trends and opportunities arising in the digital marketing world.

Our focus will be on digital marketing, technology and design, with a (natural) focus on how SMBs can utilize the digital landscape to generate leads, please customers and ensure repeat business via close engagement with their audience.

The blog will be updated by all of our team members, with unique contributions from all departments. When relevant, you'll find some personal information about the author at the beginning or end of the article. Collaborative projects will be posted somewhat anonymously, but we'll make sure you know who's running the show to some degree.

That leaves us with just one question:

What do you want to see here?

As we'll certainly discuss at some point in the future, there's no point to creating content if nobody wants to read it. We've gathered some insight from clients to establish the foundation of our content structure, but we're always listening to our audience (and, especially, to those who are not yet our audience, but could be).

If you have a topic you'd like to learn more about - particularly related to SMB marketing, but really anything digital - please give us a shout. We're also happy to consider posting your piece if we think it fits our message.

Questions and submissions may be sent to bopsahl@spotzer.com  for review. We appreciate your engagement!

Spotzer Blog

By Spotzer 07 Sep, 2016
It’s been a busy summer at Spotzer: the IT team successfully concluded a number of complex partner launches, Jon Stribling settled into the Amsterdam office as Chief Digital Officer, our Italian team quadrupled in size, and the weather has kept us outdoors regularly (rare for a Dutch summer).

September is set to be Spotzer’s biggest month ever, which we are very excited about. Our teams continue to grow across the world, and it’s getting harder and harder to choose between the excellent performances we’ve seen in every office... but we gave it a try anyway!

Here are Spotzer’s Employees of the Month for August, along with a bit of explanation from their manager:
By Spotzer 29 Aug, 2016

Spotzer is proud to announce a partnership with Infusionsoft to provide an innovative best-in-class solution for websites and paid search campaigns within Google. The new digital products will take advantage of automation and analytics tools to give Infusionsoft's SMB customers an edge over their local competitors. 

Spotzer will create websites for SMBs and optimize them for Pay-Per-Click (PPC) performance using Spotzer’s proprietary ad serving technology, Ad-Direction . The unique localization tool will integrate with Infusionsoft’s powerful automation software to fine-tune campaigns and generate effective leads for their customers.

By Spotzer 23 Aug, 2016

If you’re planning to open an innovative technology company in Europe, your options just became clear. The European Union Committee of the Regions recently named their top three European cities for innovation , and we were quite pleased (though not surprised) by the results:

#1 – Amsterdam, Netherlands

#2 – Turin, Italy

#3 – Paris, France

Amsterdam edged out a field of 36 competitors across the EU to claim the title of “iCapital” (Innovation Capital of Europe). Each city received a substantial cash reward to support further efforts in sustaining growth in innovative tech fields.

Spotzer’s global headquarters are based in Amsterdam. It makes sense that these cities are topping the charts for promise and potential, as we’ve seen massive interest in high-quality digital products in these markets; some reactionary, wherein a disruptive offering could easily transform the status quo, and some traditional, following a more linear and predictable path to innovation.

Spotzer sees these awards as confirmation of our direction – not only from a product perspective, but geographically as well, and we look forward to continuing our contribution to these fantastic cities.

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